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Beijing Yabao International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yabao International") was formally established in April 2011.
 "Albemarle International" based on its rich operating experience in the past professional field, positioning its business development direction in the two major service areas of exhibition and brand promotion.

 In order to meet the needs of market development, Albemarle International has established cooperative relations with exhibition organizations in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Central Asia, the Middle East, Italy, France, Brazil, South Africa and other countries, and has become a specialized assistance for Chinese light industry companies to expand internationally.  Market, a professional trade promotion agency that provides exhibition participation and market inspection services.  Yabao International is located in the Russian Trade Center on Yabao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. This center and surrounding commercial buildings constitute China's largest professional textile trade distribution center.  Our exhibition business services cover four major areas: textile fabrics, clothing, shoes, leather and fur.

 "Bosch Business Procurement" was founded by "Beijing Yabao International Exhibition Co., Ltd.".  As a professional international promoter of China's clothing, fabrics, and accessories industries, the owner of the two-way direct investment in the Chinese, English, and Russian trilingual, two-way direct investment graphic integrated media in China's advanced fields-"Bosch Business Purchasing" media through a very advantageous  Channel communication connects the common needs of designers, buyers, suppliers and Chinese brand companies from all over the world.  Relying on strong industry advantages, we provide business services such as brand integration, public relations planning, image design, visual packaging and media promotion.  "Bosch Business Purchasing" will be your best strategic partner for international trade.  We firmly believe that through the efforts of "Bosch Business Procurement", we will create a broader business promotion platform for you.  "Boss Business Purchasing" will welcome you to a brighter future together!


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